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Wow, NYCC was great. I met plenty of new cool artists and fans (and just cool random people).

A great experience that I'm going to try to renew next year (knock on wood - I need to get a table at the AA again.)

Thanks to all of you who stopped by and talked for a bit, and to my patrons who bought my art.

I'm still tired from the experience, so I'm going to take it easy and keep this one short.

I don't think I'll do SDCC because of their new Artist Alley rules that allow for only a 3' table and no display higher than 4', which means that I can't show anything. However, I'm thinking of going to GenCon with a buddy...I'll keep you posted.



PS: this is worth sharing imho:

Staring contest is the 2nd most popular piece of all time in digital/paintings/fantasy, according to this link:…

You guys are A W E S O M E !
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---== New York Comic Con 2008 ==---

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (April, 17-20, 2008)

I will be in the Artist Alley, table [I-9 & I-10] (that's one full table, or 2 halves).

Stop by, bring me mooohnnneeeyyy :) but more importantly, a smile!




PS: I was asked to post those links about Orphan Work. It's important, as artists.

Or, How You May Lose All the Rights to Every Piece of Art You Have Ever Created!

Interview with Brad Holland:…

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Hi all,

I will be at ComicCon New York from April 17th to the 20th. Sadly, I only got half a table in the Artist Alley (sharing with an as-yet-unknown other artist); that is 3 feet of space and I don't even know if I'll be able to have a display case behind me. It's going to be an interesting, potentially short experience if I can't display anything. But, hey, let's keep positive!

I'll be selling posters and signing err...stuff...(?)

Oh yeah, Magic cards, WOW cards, other cards...things...


On a sidenote, my StarWars "Yodalisque 1" was removed from here because someone associated the quite short lightsaber with a sexual toy. SOMEONE THOUGHT ABOUT THE CHILDREN! wooopeee! If you really want to help kids, throw you TV away (oh no! :O)

Wouldn't it have been easier to just tag an "adult content" on the image instead of removing it? No biggie, you can still see it at my site,

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Hi all, I want to clarify a few things: if you want to use my art for non-profit purpose, please go ahead, and please credit the author. Also, I am aware of a lot of my stuff on photobucket and other places that give away "free" cellphone backgrounds or desktop. I'm OK with that too since it's really non-profit. (besides, if I went after each and every one of them, I would spend my days online and never win anyway.) Nah, the ones I'm after are the people who try to sell my art, without my approval, and without me getting any revenues for it. In other words, I work and they get the dough, Nah-ah! Nope, nope, nope. I also have a problem with people using my art to promote their stuff without asking me first: there was a heavy metal band who used my Staring Contest to promote themselves, and you know what? had they asked, I probably would have said Ok, as long as it's for promotion only. But they didn't ask, and now it's been removed. Common sense, people :)

For those who asked: I simply contact the webmaster or whoever is in charge at the site in question, and tell them that I am the author, show proof and tell them nicely that if they don't remove it promptly, I'll sue them (which I will.) So far, people have been responsive, so all the "bad apples" have been removed, as far as I know. But of course, more will's a bit more difficult with international sites, but I've managed to remove European images as well. I think most people understand the copyright issues (and my starving kitties issues), and perhaps, the fear of a copyright lawsuit they can't possibly win...

So far, so good.


I would like to personally thank all of you who emailed or sent me a note about people stealing art (mostly Staring Contest) to sell on their sites, as cellphone backgrounds or on eBay. Yes, I'm sure I'm not the only one, as this is truly a plague. I try to contact the authorities as much as possible and have been relatively lucky so far...thanks to you!

Thieves: you are [bleeping] [bleepers] for stealing my art and taking food out of my mouth, and my 3 cats' mouths as well. I hate you more for hurting my cats indirectly.

Artists: if you intend to use my Staring Contest as a template to draw your own version or whatnot, ASK PERMISSION FIRST, and give me credit. That's all. I usually say yes. Some of you did it already and aren't reported. Those who did not, generally, are gone. See? common sense and courtesy always win.

Tattooes: go ahead! please send me a picture when it's done. It's not necessary, but a contribution would be nice (like buying a poster or a postcard or something...) I know of 2 people who did Staring Contest and one who did a logo a did for Asheron's Call, a long time ago.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my patrons. We never say that enough. THANK YOU!

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Hi all,

First, Happy Holidays to all.

To those for whom this time of year sucks, I've been there. Hang on, it's almost over. Life goes back to normal afterwards. Think of it as just one big mercantile ploy to buy shtuff.

Thanks a lot for everyone's comments! I can't answer y'all, but I tend to read as many as possible. For those who want tutorials, check my website, there are some (you gotta browse, I don't recall which paintings have them.)

I have more images to add, but I'm waiting for them to be released to the public first (like Magic, or book covers and...shtuff.)

Until next time,


PS: I, grammatically challenged, thank profusely those who, in their grand knowledge of wordsmithing, helped me turn a massacred sentence into readable prose.
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I was interviewed by 2Dartist Magazine. They asked me to share the interview part, so there it is:

It's a .pdf (acrobat). It has big pictures too. Feel free to download.

The site is : and you can see that this month's cover (September) has my Circu on it :)


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100'000+ pageviews!!!

you guys (and gals) ROCK!

Also interesting:

The deviation with the most comments is Staring Contest with 2,661 comments, receiving an average of 190.07 per day in the first 2 weeks, and it is also his most favourited, with 20,009 favourites, averaging 1429.21 per day in the first 2 weeks. His most viewed deviation is Staring Contest with 252,815 views.


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Well, I finally added more goodies available with Staring Contest.

Now, you can have a cup of coffee and be the third contestant in this crazy scene, but chances are, you will not win :)

I've manually adjusted the image so that it's as close as perfect in each case, but please check the preview before making a purchase because different items have different images: for instance, not all items have a white border with the text, and the coaster doesn't have room for the bunny (it's the only item that has the Grim Reaper by itself - The bunny just went for a bathroom break, the contest isn't over...)

Anyway, now you can choose between Canvas Prints, Lustre Prints, Matte Prints, Glossy Prints, Mouse Pads, Mugs, Magnets, Postcards, Coasters and Puzzles.

We need T-shirts...:p

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  • Reading: The Annals of Imperial Rome, by Tacitus
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I'm adding watermark to my images to prevent idiots without a conscience to steal my images and sell them back as cellphone background or wallpapers. There are a few sites who asked me first and I allowed it but most don't and just steal stuff and make money off your work.

If you want to use it for non-profit, you are welcomed, but the thieves kinda ruin it for the rest of us.

I apologize for the watermark, but really, the thieves are the ones who should apologize to you, the audience.

I also noticed, sadly, that auto-watermarking reduces the size and quality of the images (due to multiple saving with jpg). One alternative I can offer is to check the images you're interested in directly on my site, as they are bigger and better in quality. They also have a watermark, though different. Sigh.


PS: Today, I'll just add watermarks, and a bit later, I'll add new material :)

PPS: yes, you can still add them to favs!
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  • Reading: The Annals of Imperial Rome, by Tacitus
  • Watching: the evolution of human stupidity
  • Playing: with my kitties
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  • Drinking: organic blood...hmmm...
Hey all!

Sorry I didn't show up sooner, but I'm very busy (in a good sense), but that means I also can't browse as much as I want to. So, when things cool down a bit, I'll add a bunch of new stuff here, promise!

In addition: thanks a lot to all of you who left me a note. I apologize wasn't able to come back sooner to check and answer you all, but I do appreciate the gesture.

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Back from the Con! It was great meeting some of you there, awesome crowd, good times, great expo. Hope to be there next year again. In the meantime, back to work to feed my 2 kitties...

Thanks *a lot* for all of you who leave nice comments, it's quite appreciated. As you might understand, I can't answer all of them, or I'll be spending my day in DA. Can't do that, gotta feed them cats.

I shall be at ComicCon 2006, in the San Diego Convention Center at the Artist Alley from July 19 to 23.

Stop by if you're around.