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I cannot answer each and every one of you personally, although etiquette demands that I should. If I were a lonely writer in the 19th Century, in a wooden shed and trembling in front of a small, inefficient wood stove in the northern part of France, amidst packs of ravenous wolves, territorial bears and La Bête du Gévaudan (look that up), then I may actually take the little time I'd have left before dying of cholera, typhus, black plague and eaten alive, to write long and languid existential letters about the insignificance of man in face of Nature and the cries of the beast within, tumultuous reminiscence of our instinctual id forcefully extinguished by our pitiful, misunderstood ego and arrogant, overzealous superego.

The last pages of the letters would be barely readable due to my cyan cold hands shaking uncontrollably, while I'm being dragged from my broken abode by the unclenching jaws of a rabid voracious squirrel and his frenzied posse.

With my last breath and probably only arm left, I'd write "...and thus, Dear Friend, your visit would warm my heart like a thousand candles, melting away the frozen meanders of my hibernating soul. O how I lament the greater distance that separates us as I am being dragged away to some undesirable trunk. It is perhaps time to bid you farewell, and I hope, with all my heart, to see you come Spring. Look for me in the big tree next to my chalet.

With great affection, your devotee,

Cyril, Esq., etc."

Is that really what you want?
Hi Everyone,

Friends of mine and I are starting a fundraiser to help me fight cancer. Please click on the link below for more information, and please consider a donation. Any amount will help.

There is also information about a Fantasy Art Auction by famous and amazingly generous Fantasy artists, whose benefits will help me as well.

These are the amazing  artists who are participating so far:

Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo,
Sam Burley,
Dan Dos Santos,
Scott Fischer,
Jon Foster,
Donato Giancola,
Lars Grant-West,
Bruce Jensen,
Rebecca Guay,
Todd Lockwood,
Gregory Manchess,
Stephan Martiniere,
Dave Seeley

Fundly link:

or, if you prefer, Facebook link:

Please spread the word! Thank you very much for your time :)

I thank you all again for you wishes. I appreciate that.

I am doing a bit of spring cleaning: Going through all deviations and seeing if I have a bigger version to show. If I do, I upload it. Some of them are unfortunately lost in cyberspace due to a HD crash I had a while back (prior to daily backups, grrr.) Anyway, now, everything that can be 1024 pixels or bigger, is.

Also, a friend of mine is starting a small print business. I'm helping him (and myself) by redirecting some of the prints to his site. Not everything, but those I have there. He's still in the process of re-listing them properly (some are in the wrong caterory as I write, but that will be fixed soon). Thanks for you patronage and patience :)

*** Prints available here:…

PS: battlemats also available.

In a week, my premium membership will end. I can't afford to renew it (yes, even $30) because I have been diagnosed with really evil things that requires all my energy, time and unfortunately, my money too. I don't know what is going to happen when it switches back to normal mode, but I thought I'd drop as many new and old things as possible before it does.


Update: a generous person has offered me a full year membership :) I can't figure out who it is because I'm dumb or it's not saying (anonymous?). If you wish to remain anonymous, know that I am incredibly grateful. If you want to let me know, drop me a note.

PS: Thank you all for you nice wishes. Indeed, an optimistic attitude is best, I heard from many sources. I'll try to keep '+' and draw a lot!
Thanks for the birthday wishes a while ago (November). I appreciate them even if I didn't respond to each and everyone of you.

Cheers, from an old fart.
So, I worked on this game called Dragon Rampage for Eagle Games. Great fun, neat people. It's a coop game where you are trying to escape a dungeon while amassing treasure, fighting the dragon and helping (or err...not :) your fellow players. It's a game by Richard Launius, who also did Defender of the Realm, although this game's different. I did the board, box, cards art and helped designing the layout of the cards and graphic design.

It has all you need: rules and dice. Set the rules on fire and eat the dice, and you win!!! (oh wait, that's a different game - do NOT eat the dice!)

Check the images for more info

Not out yet. Should be this year!

A new piece, called His Holy Truthiness Saint Colbert and his loyal flock of sheep. I did it for the Colbert portrait gallery contest (I don't think it made it because it's not in the gallery). I am assuming it's been rejected because Colbert isn't saluting? but I thought it would make a better piece that way.

Anyway, love the show - and yes, the Daily Show as well!

Lots of love,

These new entries are a test collaboration with Maxwell Alexander Drake to see if we could work well together and if I could deal with doing sequential art. The answers are absolutely, and long as the story interests me - otherwise it easily becomes tedious. We are now working on three more mini-stories in the same spirit as this one. None of them to be taken too seriously (hence the self-absorbed title!) but we try nonetheless to have fun and do something entertaining and that hopefully looks alright. I had a blast doing this one and I'm looking forward to working on the next three. The author page is there because it will eventually be part of a bigger .pdf. I'll just leave it as it is for now.


This is just part 1 of 4 of this graphic novel. Once completed (hopefully before ComicCon), we will have the eBook out on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and iTunes.

In the meantime, PDF and Flash version available for free here:…
Due to some unexpected circumstances, I won't be able to attend New York's ComicCon. My next convention will be Illuxcon, November 11th to 14th.
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:spotlight-left:I shall be there: October 6-10. New York, Javits Convention Center:spotlight-right:

I'm sharing :bulletyellow::bulletorange:booth #2260:bulletorange::bulletyellow: Come one, come all!

I'll sign :jsenn:cards, :jsenn:posters, :jsenn:boobs?!...

Woot! :buymyprints:


PS: I will also be at Illuxcon 3, Altoona, PA, Nov.11-14
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Do you guys/gals have any idea how to get a 'Death' and a 'Bunny' as emoticons in the DA list, so I could use them in my sig, or as responses?

I searched, but I couldn't find neither in the big list of emoticons provided by DA.

There is a 'dead', but I want the scythe too :)

Anyway, just a thought. That would be darn cool.

I said darn.

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In the NEWEST DEVIATION section:

New Illustration for a story by Samantha Gillison, and 2 new Magic the Gathering cards, Eldrazi set.
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Never met him, but wish I had. What a Master, what an influence. He will be missed, but his art will live forever. That's what so great about being an artist.…

Sic transit gloria mundi
My friend erikb5 just offered me a premium membership for a year! I'm going to update all that good stuff ASAP. Woot! Thanks again Erikb5, that was an awesome surprise! 3 x cheers!

A while back I did a cover for a book that came out recently: Columbia and Britannia (an alternate history). It's a great "what if" book, if you like the genre.

Available at all major bookstores.


14 September 1766. Prime Minister William Pitt proposes the Columbia Compromise, unifying the Kingdom of Great Britain and her colonies and establishing a framework for North American representation in Parliament. The American War of Independence is over before it begins. This is the history of British North America. This anthology includes nine original stories from six authors. Each delves into events along the timeline between this point of divergence from established history up to the present day, from the uncertainty of early colonial conflicts to the devastation on the front line of the War of Wars, from the politics underpinning a British mission to land a man on the moon to rivalry on the cricket grounds of New England. Accompanied by extensive appendices including maps, biographies, letters and diaries, they collectively describe an alternate history of the sisterhood between a very British North America and Great Britain, the story of Columbia and Britannia.…
Nothing new, but I've re-added Lovecraft and Alhazred… as well as The Giant Cthulhu… with bigger images. The small ones were from eons ago, when DA's size was limited, and the watermark overwhelming. Hopefully now, you can see more details.
Here's 4 new ones to start the year (in February). I've got a few more to come later. 'Njoy.

I've added a print subsection on the left, not particularly to sell them (though that would be good :), but simply to show more of my art, randomly, without having to go through the Gallery . The Gallery has yet more stuff, though, so please feel free to go there.
I will be showing my digital work and a few new originals (yep, not digital this time, the real thing: with oils and lots of cat hair...grumble...) at Illuxcon, in Altoona, PA between November 12th and the 15th of 2009.

Here's the link to the site:

Check out the impressive guest list :)


PS: I hope to show the original paintings before I leave on my website, but if not, I'll put them up when I come back.
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*** LAST DAY! Please keep voting!!! ***

Good news: as long as he's in the top 5, he'll get in. I didn't know that, but the top 5 books are getting that deal. So please vote to make sure he stays in. Right now, it's #3.

Please go to this address and vote for JUMP!
(it's on the 2nd page, bottom right):…

and his final Thank You video:…

Thanks again for all those who helped!